Every so often, I speak in public at a conference, meetup or some other technical based event. This section of my blog is where you’ll find all of the resources like source for example apps, freebies, and anything else I’ve used during the presentation.

azPHP Monthly Meeting, Phoenix
Securing Your Laravel Apps with 2FA
Account security is everything, especially when you’re dealing with personal user information. In this talk, we explore how to utilize a second form of authentication in your Laravel apps.

PyVegas, Las Vegas (Upcoming)
Easy CI/CD for your Python App using Bitbucket Pipelines
Building your application is the fun part, but delivering your application is equally important. Many engineers lack the additional devops knowledge required to build and maintain a pipeline process using tools like Jenkins, or Bamboo. Bitbucket has saved the day, we’ll explore how.

azPHP Monthly Meeting, Tempe
Painless Subscription Billing with Stripe and Laravel Cashier
In this talk, we explore the process of creating recurring billable Stripe subscriptions in your Laravel app using Cashier. We’ll go from a fresh Laravel app, to a fully functional recurring billing system.

Open Tech Summit
, Berlin
FreeGeo API: What? How? Why?
Explore my FreeGeo API, a completely free and open sourced  geospatial API for mobile applications based on the OSM dataset.

Open Tech Summit, Berlin
Open, Free flowing Data is crucial. Here’s Why
Why is it important to share data? How do you make information transparent, while still protecting the privacy and securities of individuals, organizations and nations? In this talk, I’ll walk through some of my thoughts on how to create a transparent network of information that doesn’t cross the line.

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